Grilled Pepper...

I just love grilled peppers.  I love the sweet taste of the grilled pepper along with the garlicky and herby taste of olive oil in which it drips. Like all things I love, I had to make grilled pepper at home.

Did a bit of research and came across thousands of recipes out there. Lots of people are talking about grilled peppers with various tips and techniques but what I concluded was that it is actually very easy to do it. What you need is some red peppers, two or three pods of garlic and some herbs, I had some rosemary in my herb pot so I used that.

Wash and slice the peppers in vertical strips, chop the garlic roughly and of course chop the herb so that its aroma is released. In a baking sheet lay the pepper strips skin side up, scatter the garlic pieces, sprinkle some sea salt, the herbs, and pour olive oil generously.

Put the tray in a pre heated oven at 150 degrees for half an hour or so. Please keep checking, the skin of the peppers will get scorched but not completely burnt.

In the recipes they say that then you have to steam the peppers either in a brown paper bag or by covering the peppers in cling film  to loosen the skins and then peel the skins off. I realised peeling the skins off is a lot of hassle, and since the skin tasted just fine to us, encouraged by my husband I decided to leave the skin from the next time.

Put the peppers in a sterilised jar, top them with olive oil. They will stay for a week to ten days in the fridge.

Lovely with pita and humus or in a sandwich or just on a slice of toast.

You can also do this on the stove top on a frying pan.

Tips: Only red and orange peppers are good for roasting, I tried the green and yellow ones and they did not come out well at all. No recipe ever gives this warning much to my grief.

If you are grilling those big fat red chillies with your pepper be very careful. In my last batch I put in two of those and then completely forgot about them and my husband ate both of them one after another. Lets just say he was not amused!

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