An Introduction to the Blog & Her Author....

I have a habit. 
As habits go, I am not really sure whether it is a good one or a bad one. You see it defies being white or black and prefers to be in the grey somewhere.
My habit, that is. Not me, I am...let's keep this for later, shall we? For now let's get back to this habit of mine.
My habit is to check out the 'About Me'  section of any new blog which inspires me. Call me nosy, call me inquisitive. But this is the kind of blog reader I am.  Half way through the first post  I need to know who writes, clicks  and creates all the magic on that blog. I am curious about  whether s/he likes lemon pop or grapefruit sorbet,  whether s/he  hearts street theatre or puppet show, whether s/he has ever walked barefoot in the snow or flown a kite-- you know the inane, tiny details which makes a person special. 
So when it is my turn to write about myself, I do not feel shy. No, no,  I am ready with all the details--my life, my likes, my dislikes, my quirkiness-- the whole list.  Hope it helps you to know me & my blog a little!

                                                                     Kitchen Karma:
 Okay let's begin at the very beginning. The name. You know I have been meaning to start a food blog for quite sometime, but somehow 'the name' was eluding me. I did not want just any name ladden with curry or spices or cooking or Indian or even kitchen for that matter. I wanted a cool & interesting name, a name which would stand out in the blog ocean and demand to be read. But 'the name' was nowhere to be found.  I did not panic, I did not rush. I let 'the name' be. I knew it would come to me when the time was right.

And it came. During a bus ride, while I was dozing, trying to shut out the ruckus created by a bunch of noisy school children, the name Kitchen Karma suddenly floated in and sat on my imagination. It popped in from somewhere, nowhere like an exotic butterfly. Nap forgotten, I sat up a little straight, excited about the possibilities. By the time the bus had climbed the hill and dropped off half of the  children, I had my blog with 'the name'. 
Thus born on London bus route W3 between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace, Kitchen Karma started it's blog life with gusty  wails recipes.  Giving birth to a blog was easy enough, but helping readers discover it's niche in a cyber world heaving with food blogs a dime a dozen is difficult indeed. The journey is still on and dear reader, Kitchen Karma needs you as much now as it needed you when it was a wee born.

Being a food blog, Kitchen Karma does recipes. From easy ones for busy professionals to preserving complicated traditional ones and all those which belong somewhere in between. 
You can find a detailed  index of all the recipes posted on this blog and Kitchen Karma's Facebook group here.
Each recipe, easy or difficult, quick or lengthy, is always, always accompanied by a story. For we believe that food has a socio cultural context and if you take food out of that context it is no longer as enjoyable. So the recipes are ushered in by stories of-- cities; travels to far & near lands; favourite things; loves, old & new; changing seasons; festivals; near & dear ones; cherished memories; events; and sometimes the stories are made up just like the ones your grandma told you during your childhood.
Kitchen Karma also loves to hear stories. So do not be shy, please do share your story with us.

My Story: 
I am the migratory sort, the one who makes home away from home. Occassionally in nearby lands, at present far away. Like in Bangla we would say saat somudra tero nodi paar { seven seas and thirteen rivers away!} To deal with the loneliness of my chosen migratory life, I create stories. Sometimes in my head, sometimes on the paper computer. Stories make me hungry, so then I take refuge in the kitchen and cook up magic. At times I cook the food of my left behind homeland, other times I cook the food of a place I am yet to visit and on special occasions I bake  cakes. I love it when the smell of baking envelopes my home and warms my heart. I drink tea, cup after cup. Green tea, Darjeeling tea, vanilla tea, Indian masala tea. I like reading, word after word, page after page, book after book, non-stop. I stalk my favourite blogs. I also blog at Hold A Thought, Pen It Down.
I am a city girl heart and soul. I currently live in London, a city I can't stop exploring and falling in love with more and more. Also the last couple of years I have been travelling around UK and  Europe quite a bit. Friends have been telling me to start a travel blog. But I am too lazy, so will squeeze in travel stories in Kitchen Karma under Travel Karma.
I am fond of  home DIYs and arty projects. I am trying to learn photography, but suck at the technical bits.  I like hearing from my readers & making new friends. Drop me a line?
Shoot An Email: suchismita.majumdar[at]gmail[dot]com.

Social Media Haunts: 
                               Facebook Group: Kitchen Karma
                               Twitter: @kitchenkarma

Affectionately and sincerely,


  1. brilliantly concocted, if I might say.... great reading even for non-cooks like me.... i'm sure with your blogs, i might just become a sous-chef.... keep cooking!!!!

  2. Hey Avirup good to see you here. Thanks for the lovely comment :-)

  3. Hopped over since I had a mail that you had added me to your network. Thank you. I have no clue how to reciprocate. However this blog is one that I would like to re-visit and browse and will definitely be a follower. Great pictures and recipes.

  4. hi suchi :) thanks for dropping by my space :).. gave me a chance to get to know u! Following u too now & b/w i love the profile pic :)

  5. Hi Radha, thanks for dropping by. :-)

  6. Hi Rasi,
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes the profile pic was the good fallout of one bad food order :-)

  7. Hey there Suchi! pleasure to make your acquaintance! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog! look forward to stayin in touch. Cheers!

  8. You know how to eat crab if presented whole in front of you!!! My husband craves it once in a while but we stay away because we have no idea how to get the flesh out. That's a wonderful write up Suchi. You know i have lived in WB for 4 years, two studying in kharagpur and two working in Kolkata. I am so looking forward to your Bengali dishes :)

  9. Hehehe no La, I took one dismal look at that crab (that was when the photo was taken) and then swapped it with my husband's fish and chips...he kind of tore it with his hand...dipped the flesh in butter and mayo and had it! :-) Your wish is my command madam, Bengali recipes coming up soon :-)

  10. You do look amused at the crab. As if you are saying "what am i going to do with you?" It's a beautiful click.
    My landlady in kolkata used to send me samples of authentic bengali dishes for festivals, but i never learnt any. So will wait for your coming posts. Glad to find you here, Suchi

  11. Hi Suchi! I am from Nepal and I blog usually on anything random that is related to Food, Nutrition-Health related. Just wanted to drop in and say hi! The Salmon looks delicious :)

  12. Hi Suchi, I have added your blog to my Blogs I Love list. Everything you do is so beautiful!

  13. Hi Suchi! It is an absolute pleasure to meet a fellow ghoti. Loved your blog and now following you. Looking forward to your ghoti recipes :)

  14. Yello madame!! Havent written in a lonnng time and havent written to you in a n even longer time!! but i know why i dont visit your blog...lady your blog makes me soooo hungry!! Ooh I love it and it def inspires me to cook like you do and try out different things!! All the best love and keep writting!

  15. Wow! what a blog! Boy I am so glad that I found you. You have a follower in me.

  16. Hey there :) really glad I stumbled across your blog! Love your style, your food looks oh so delicious! Great photography!

  17. Hi Suchi,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
    Beautiful write up and I really like the amused look you are giving that lobster :D.
    Keep in touch.

  18. Wow...this is the only word comes out from my mouth after seeing your blog...You are so artistic & creative...Every word of your blog shows how passionate you are about writing.....

  19. Good to know you Suchi. I also look at the about me section when I first visit a blog. Cheers. Happy blogging and good luck for the 30 days :)


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